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Yoga for everyone - 6 weeks

Tuesdays 18:30 - 19:45 with Alvaro Garcia

  • Avsluttet
  • 1 350 norske kroner
  • Kirketorget

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We welcome ourselves to be, whatever the condition or personal state, for a little more than an hour. Simplicity often sounds radical, but is simple after all. Flexibility and strength in the body or concentration and clarity in the mind are just a part of the preparation for a journey. The orientation of a class is to explore with conscious and inquisitive attitude (through our position, breathing and attention) the meaning of yoga as the holistic tradition that stands for millennia. You can leave aside the mythification or the stereotype of yoga as a sort of contortionism, acrobatics or fitness. Because many people may come to yoga searching for wellness, good shape or even a nice-looking body, but once they arrive and experience can they stay for connecting with a deeper essence within. There are no requirements for you to try and investigate, and you are always in the right level. So, Feel welcome to visit and salute any time. Jeg er en norsk student. Klassene skal være på engelsk av praktiske årsaker, men vi kan alltids prøve å snakke litt norsk hvis du vil. Álvaro G.C. Calvo.


  • Kirketorget 7, Kongsberg, Norge


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